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You Can speak to our Router Support Team for any problems related to router. Our Team operates to help users facing problems with there router or internet network connectivity issues. Routers are one of the most important devices as it helps us to connect with the internet on laptops, computer, iPhone and android phones. Router connectivity prompts are generic problems & can be solved within a few minutes by a certified router expert. our Router support team is expert in fixing problems related to Router & internet connectivity. We support all measures router brands which include Netgear, Linksys, D-Link, tp-link, & dell. These are the famous router brands that we support.

Router setup support available for the following Routers :

  • D-Link Router Router
  • TP-Link Router
  • Belkin Router
  • Asus Router
  • Cisco Router
  • Buffalo Router
  • Arris Router
  • Motorola Router
  • Zyxel Router


Router problems supported by our Router certified technicians

Our Trained router technicians will help you with almost any problem related to routers. Only Hardware and dead routers are not covered under our support, you will have to speak router brand manufacturer for warranty policies.

What does our Router Technical Support cover?

  1. Certified and trained technical experts
  2. First, call resolution
  3. 24/7 support
  4. 24/7 Live Chat for connectivity issues.
  5. Router Support to fix office routers on a network.

How to select the best Router Support in Australia?

Router Setup Guide is one of the best router support service provider in Australia. Router setup guide deals in all types of Router Brands related issues. Our router support experts work 24/7. So, if you are facing a problem with your internet router you can call us anytime. We have a Toll Free number for your help.

Router Setup Support – Tips

Router Setup can be done easily if its modern plug play devise. Though you may need your ISP assistance if you are working on Dedicated IP address. You can contact our Router Technical Support Experts who will assist you will easy installation and configuration on multiple computers.

Which are the best router brands?

There are many router brands available however you need to clarify what is the purpose of the router? Is it commercial or home use, if its home use then we recommends Netgear or Linksys. For commercial purpose you can buy the same brands but if looking for cheaper options then call our Router Sales Team

General Queries Related to “Router Support

Internet is not working on my laptop but works fine on iPhone. Is this is problem with Router?

This may be a problem with Router There can be many reasons for the internet not working on One device. you need to check if the cable connecting the laptop & router is set properly. If you do not use cable then we need to check if the wifi button on the laptop is ON or Off. check the bottom right taskbar icon for Wifi signal, disable & re-enable to reset it. If still, this does not work then you need experts to help in resetting the windows drivers.

How do i reset my Router password?

This article is in our other post as well. it is important to understand as to why you are resetting your router password. if your forgotten and unable to connect then you must remember your router admin login as that is the only option or else you will have to hard reset your router. To reset your router password login to this and change your password.

I forgot my Router admin password, what to do?

There is no option to reset your router password. Login to your router admin console with default Login ID & password which is generally Admin and Password or Admin is login ID and Password is Admin. once you log in your admin console, go to advances wifi setting security & change the password.

I contacted Netgear Router Technical Support, they say that my router is out of warranty. Can you help?

Yes we can help if your router does not have Hardware problem. You can call our Router Support Team who will check your Router Online and Fix it. IF the router is faulty then we will help you to buy a new router

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