How to Reboot the Linksys router over the network?

Steps to Reboot the Linksys router over the network

Features of the Linksys router have a physical button at the backside of the device which is used for rebooting the router, resetting, and restoring the router to its default settings. Router Control panel which is related to web-based did not have the option which allows rebooting to perform a soft rest over the network. It can inconvenient if the router’s physical location is unable to access when the device needs to restart. Also, some various hidden options are there through the web interface which allows you to perform a reset above the network. Then once you logged in to the router’s administration Cpanel.

Follow the Below Points to Reboot the Linksys router over

Step 1 – Open web browser on your laptop or computer & open router control panel by typing its login ip address in the browser’s address bar.
Login ip – for more information contact your service provider.

Step 2 – Now, enter your router username & password & then Hit Ok or sign in. Now, the router control panel is logged in.

Step 3 – Now, click the address bar on your web browsers & then move the cursor to the end of the router’s ip address.

Step 4 – Now, type “/reset.htm” at the of the router’s ip login address & press Enter. Now, the router will automatically reboot when the hidden reset page is loading in your web browser.

Warning before resetting your Linksys router over the network

You have to log in to your router’s control page before trying to go to  “http://www.” page


  • Press the “reset” button which is available at the backside of the router. It also performs the same action at the time of loading its “Reset” page in your web browser
  • If you want to perform a hard reset over the network & then restore the router to its factory reset default setting.
    • Open the router administration page
    • Now, click on Factory Defaults
    • Now, check the restore factory defaults button
    • click save settings

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