How to Reset a Dlink Router?

D-Link routers are mostly used in homes & offices. It is the best way to split your internet connection between multiple computers & desktops. If your D-Link router is not performing very well or seems to show malfunctioning, then you can reset the D-Link router for performing the power cycle operation on it. It generally cleans up all issues that are going with the router itself.

Follow the below steps to reset the Dlink router

Step 1 – Take the router up & check at the backside of the Dlink router where your network cables are plugged in.

Step 2 – Locate to the small hole at the backside of the router. May be or May not have the work Reset just next to it. It all depends on your router model.

Step 3 – Now with the help of a pen tip or any other small object put in the small hole & not left until the lights are flash off.

Step 4 – Now, remove the object from the reset hole & then wait for a few moments for the Dlink router boot up again.

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