How to Reset Router?

What will be changed after resetting the router.

  • Router Username & Password
  • WiFi Username & Password
  • ISP Username & password
  • Port Forwarding can be changed
  • Firewall settings will be reset after the change
  • Almost all settings will be changed after resetting the router

Now let’s go ahead with router re-setup process

  • Look for ting button to reset the router which will be at the back of the router
  • If the router Power is on, then use a pin or Endpoint of Paper for press & Hold the reset button. Hold the reset button for 10 seconds.

WAIT 10 Seconds before Rebooting the Router to release static charge

  • Wait for a few seconds, the router lights will get changed slowly.
  • Now, your router is back to factory settings

Post Router Reset Settings

You will have to setup router as per your requirement now. Settings would differ for dynamic and static IP address. Dynamic is generally for home users, works normally on 1st time setup. You may face some problem if its older version of router and may require drivers as well. However for new version plug and play screen should do it. For Dedicated ip address contact your ISP for router setup procedure or guide.

Please contact Router Setup Support for further assistance on resting a router for advance configuration. Our Team will assist you with complete router related problems. You can chat call or email us anytime for router setup

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