How to Setup an Asus Router?

Asus Router Setup Guide

When you buy a router, first thing you have to do is change the default setting of the router. It will take a few minutes.

Setup Asus Router

Step 1 – Connect Ethernet Cable with the modem.

Step 2 – Plugged the one end of the Cable into WAN port at the backside of the router.

Step 3 – Now, take the other end of the ethernet cable & plugged it into the port which is available at the backside of the Modem.

Step 4 – Now, plug the adapter cable with the router & adapter in the socket.

Step 5 – Power on the Routers

Step 6 – Now, login to the Asus Router, by typing IP address, in the address bar of the web browser. Login IP –

Step 7 – A login screen will occur, where you have to enter the default username & password. Click on Login.

Step 8 – Now, change Router login credentials

Step 9 – Click on Administration which available under the advanced settings.

Step 10 – Click on the System tab.

Step 11 – Enter enter your new login name & password

Step 12 – Click on Apply change

Step 13 – After, save change again login with your new login name & password.

Step 14 – After login, change your router SSID

Step 15 – Click on Network, which is inside the general, and on the right side wifi details available.

Step 16 – Click on 5Ghz & then change your SSID name.

Step 17 – Click on apply.

Step 18 – Now choose a strong password

Step 19 – For change wi-fi password, go to Network Map, then you will see the wifi details at the right side.

Step 20 – Click on Authentication Method > select WPA2-Personal

Step 21 – Now, select your password, under WPA2-Personal

Step 22 – Click on Apply to save changes

Asus Router Setup complete, now connect with your Asus wifi router & enjoy the internet.

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