How to Setup Router?

Stuck with your router Setup configuration?

This router setup guide will help you to set up your router & install it properly. you may also contact your router manufacturer for online router setup support, they will help you to set up router over the phone or you can also chat with router experts. Below we have listed the details of different router manufacturers companies of all brands, you may also contact these router support companies for instant router help if it is covered under warranty.

Setup Router or Re-install Router in 30 Minutes

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  1. How to Setup a New Router?

Every router company has its own setup guide to install the router. You can always refer to their documentation to set up the router easily.

router setup

→ Setup router with Router App

Install the app on Windows or Mac, open the router installation app & follow the steps

An alternative method is Manual Installation of New Router

Unbox the router

Unbox the cables

Power on the router by connecting the power cable of the router in the switch. You will see the lights blinking of the router & ready to connect.

Now connect the yellow ethernet cable to the LAN port of your DSL or cable modem into the router.

Wait for LED’s to light solid green

Note:- Don’t connect with the wall port to any port of the router

Don’t Use LAN ports

router setup

Start Accessing the router

Now log in on Router Default Page with IP address

router setup
  • Now, open your wifi device whether a laptop or phone, turn on the wifi button or access through the taskbar icon.
  • Type in the address bar, IP address “” as seen in the screenshot below.
  • You may have to first connect with the default router name that will be visible in the wifi list. Look for default wifi name that will be visible by the name of your router manufacturer.
  • Connect with that network & then open the login page of your router
  • Generally, it can be accessed by typing the IP address of the router.
  • to
  • In the case of Netgear, it will be this.

  • Login to the above IP Address & ENter the default Login id & Password of your router provider.
  • Default Login ID & Password of famous router companies are below. If below login doesn’t work then please call your router provider.

Netgear Default Login ID & Password

Login – admin
Password – password

Linksys Default Login ID & Password

Login – —
Password – admin

  • After login look for wifi settings/wireless settings
  • Enter your SSID or Wireless Network Name area
  • Click On Save Setting Button.
router setup guide

At last Cable Setup

  • Connect your desktop or laptop to WAN Ports & Don’t use the LAN Ports
  • Connect with Coloured port as shown in below image
setup router password

How to set up the existing router?

First, we need to understand why are you re-setting up the router?

The solution is different based on the problem you might be facing with your router.

  • Router not working properly
  • Slow internet issues
  • Websites not loading properly
  • Intermittent internet connection
  • Virus on the network
  • Router getting hanged
  • Router software update
  • Configuring other devices on the same router
  • Router Configuration issues with printer & other 3rd party devices
  • Router damage before the warranty
  • Router cable problems
  • Router power adapter malfunctioning
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