How to Upgrade Linksys router Firmware

Upgrade Linksys router Firmware

If you have a Linksys router and want to Upgrade Linksys router firmware it is very simple. For an upgrade, your Linksys router firmware connects you PC or Laptop to your Linksys router via Internet cable. Follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Official Linksys Website support, Enter your router model & Look for if there’s a router firmware update available. If it is available then download it.
  2. Open your Internet browser & then enter in the address bar and Hit Enter.
  3. When login screen Open, Enter the Username as Admin & password field should be blank.
  4. After Login, Go to Administrator > Open Firmware Upgrade.
  5. Now, Hit on the Browse button.
  6. Choose the downloaded upgrade file.
  7. Click Start Upgrade.
  8. Now, you will see a progress bar will appear. Please be waiting for the Process to complete. Do not close the internet browser or do not open any tab.

Check Firmware Update of Linksys router

  1. Sign in to your Linksys cloud account. Once web interface will open, then click connectivity
  2. Inside the Firmware update section, click check for update

3. When the router detected the firmware update, After the completion you will be able to download & install the firmware on your device. Select the click here link for update

Imp: After checking if no update message Found is displayed. then it is the indication that your router has the firmware

4. Now, Click yes on update router firmware

Your router will start automatically

Imp: Make sure that you do not power off the router or closer the web browser for ignoring the firmware of the router.

5. Router Reboot pop up wi occur, click Ok for continue

6. One the Linksys router firmware update is complete, click Ok on the Linksys firmware update complete screen.

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