How to Upgrade Netgear Router Firmware

Upgrade Netgear Router Firmware

If you are using a Netgear router at your home or office place & decided to update Firmware of Netgear router. Follow the below step for Upgrading the Netgear router firmware.

  1. Open your internet browser > open
  2. Now, Enter the username – admin and password – password.
  3. Once you reach to router setting and ready to access then go to AdvancedAdministration
  4. Select button Firmware Update or Router Update.
  5. Click on Check Button, Now the router will checking the available updates. If a router update is available then it will ask for download.
  6. Click Yes for download update & then install. To be very sure don’t interrupt the process when an update is installing. Be patient and wait for 5 minutes do not close the browser.
  7. When the installation is complete. Restart your Netgear router.

I hope your router is working fine after upgrading the Netgear router firmware.

Upgrade Netgear router firmware

If the above step is not working follow another way to update the Netgear router firmware

Below are the steps to update Netgear wifi router firmware

  1. Open the Official website of Netgear download center, Now enter the router model number you have and then download the latest update of Netgear router Firmware.
  2. Now, follow the above 1 to 4 steps for login to your router.
  3. After Login – Click on the Choose File button or Browse button.
  4. Select & upload the File.
  5. Now, you will see that the update process will start.

Manually update Netgear router firmware

Follow the below steps to manually update the Netgear router firmware

  • By using ethernet cable connect your computer to Netgear router
  • Visit Netgear Customer support
  • Now, Enter your Netgear router model number & product name
  • Click Downloads
  • Now select the version of the firmware and then click on Download
  • If needed, then Unzip the file
  • Now open a web browser, & start typing in the address bar & Hit enter
    [A login page display]
  • Now, Enter the admin username & password
    [Default username is admin & the password you was specified for the first time you logged in]
  • Now, Select Advanced >> Go to the administration
    or Setting >> Administration
  • Now, choose the router update or firmware update
  • Click on Browse or choose file, after that choose the firmware & file name ends with .img or .chk
  • Now click on the upload button

Note:- After the hit on the Update button, don’t try user router, first turn off the router, or do anything until it finishes restarting.

Now, the Netgear router firmware update starts & the router restarts. The router firmware update process will take 2 minutes

Upgrade Netgear Router Firmware With Web Browser

For an update, Netgear router firmware with web browser Follow the below steps:

To check for new firmware & update your router:

  1. Connect your computer to router via ethernet cable
  2. Now, open a web browser and enter into the address bar, Now router login window displays
  3. Now, enter router admin & password
    The default username is admin. after that enter password, you specified for the first time you logged in.
  4. Now, Select Advanced > Administration or settings > Application
  5. Select Router Update or Firmware Update.
  6. Click Check
  7. If a new firmware update is available, then click yes

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