Router Not Working

Router not Working Fix

“There are many reasons for router not working” General reasons can be IP conflict or router malfunctioned. You can call router support to troubleshoot & find out the reasons for router not working. However, we have listed down the steps to resolve router connection problems.

  • Check the lights on the router
    Lights can tell you a lot about router & internet connectivity problems based on the model of the router lights that will indicate the problem.

    Ping your router from the computer to check the connectivity
  • The first step you have to do is make your router to ping it. And sending a signal proves that not only the router is there but the computer is connected to the router and all the procedures are working in a friendly way.
  • How to Ping Router?
  • (a) Go to Start Menu > Select All programs > Accessories > CMD Prompt
  • (b) Now, type the following IP address in that Command Prompt
  • (c) Now, Hit Enter
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ping-router-website.jpg

(e) If you are getting replies as shown in the below screenshots, then your internet is working. you need to check for some configuration or conflict with router and internet.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is infor-ping-router-website.jpg

(f) Now, type Exit in the Command Prompt and hit the Enter to Close cmd Prompt

3. Check wireless Adapter

The Loose or faulty wireless adapter will cause intermittent connection, which means the internet may or may not work via this router. you will keep running around fixing, re-installing router and the actual cause will be the simple adapter. Try to fix the adapter or change the socket.

4. Faulty or corrupt wifi drivers

70% of the problems of WiFi not connecting or working on a Laptop is because of windows LAN or WiFi drivers missing. Re-install your windows WiFi & LAN drivers to fix the problems. Follow the below suggestion on How to re-install drivers.

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